The worst foods that make you fat

All food makes you fat if you too much of it, and if you eat it regularly. The worst offenders are junk food and sugary drinks, which includes fruit juices, 100% pure or not.

The obvious fattening foods includes any type of take out foods:

  • Pizza 266 Calories / 100gram, and one pizza slice is approx 107g (285 calories)
  • Burgers – a popular burger comes in at 257calories / 100g, and one burger is 219g (543calories),. And there are much larger burgers on offer that are loaded with many more calories.
  • French fries is even worse, even though they look like a smaller portion, and comes in at a whopping 312 calories / 100 grams, with a medium serving sitting at a mega 365 calories (117grams).  If you think of skipping the burger and taking the fries to save on calories, think again, it is better to take the burger than the fries!
  • Fizzy drinks and juices come in at 32 to 38 calories per 100grams, with artificially sweetened drinks coming in at 8 calories per 100grams.
  • Any processed foods, such as processed cheese and sausages, contain too many calories and chemicals, avoid. This includes that borewors. If you love it and cannot do without a weekly braai, limit the intake, eat more greens and drink more water so that the craving is less and you get fuller faster.  A smaller piece of wors will satisfy your cravings if you eat healthy greens beforehand, and if you eat slowly.

Fattening foods that seem like a healthier

  • Pasta, brown or white, is loaded with calories. Replace with brown rice, potatoes or cauliflower rice.
  • Sweetened yogurt is full of sugar. Replace with unsweetened yogurt or even Greek yogurt.
  • Salads with salad dressing. Salad dressing packs a whole lot of calories, and tghe tastier, the more likely it is laden with fats and sugars. Replace the salad dressing with vinegar or lemon juice, or purchase an off-the-shelf low fat, low sugar, low sodium alternative.
  • Almost all breakfast cereals, with the exception of Oats (Not instant oats) and a few of the newer health cereals,  are bad news. They usually have sugars, and a lot of sugar. Read the labels before buying.
  • Brown bread, seeded breads and Rye combination breads. These may seem like great alternatives, but they are just as destructive to your weight as white bread. Avoid any wheat breads, replace with 100% rye.


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