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Is is possible to do too much Cardio?

Sadly, too much cardio is not a good thing. Over-training muscles is bad for gains as well. Overdoing cardio will burn fat and muscle.

Since you are losing muscle mass, you are hurting your metabolism because low muscle mass will result in a slow metabolism! This results in fat gain.

The best way to lose fat is to boost metabolism through exercise strength-training routine along with cardio.

Woman do not gain muscles easily (unless they take steroids), and can do strength training without worrying about looking like a body builder. Strength will result in firm muscles.

To minimize muscle loss when excising, increase protein intake while reducing at and carbs. Protein is made up of Amino Acids, the building blocks of muscles.

A protein supplement is best, but you may also eat lean fish, chicken breast and egg whites to increase protein intake.

When taking supplements, remember to reduce your food intake to correct for the extra calories that the protein supplement supplies.

Remember that sweats, chocolates, sugary drinks and junk food is full of calories. Sneaking a drink or burger in will set you back! Don’t do it, stay focused.

Eat fruits (not bananas, which is all carbs) when the craving hits.

No bread, with the exception of a slice of rye bread, which replaces another carb, such as your rice.
No pizza – ever!

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