Six pack

Bulk and cut cycles are not required

When you want to add quality muscles, the bulk/cut cycling is not required.

The best way to add quality muscle is to go heavy at the gym and to stay consistent with the training.

“Heavy” means when you can only push a maximum of 8 to 10 reps of the exercise, and adjusting the weight upwards each week until you cannot get 8 reps out of each exercise.

By eating clean and healthy every day, and keeping tabs on your protein intake, you will be able to build quality muscles in no time at all.

You do not need to get super heavy to look good, in fact, a weight of around 75Kg to 85Kg is perfectly fine for a lean muscled body (males from 1.7m to 1.8m).

Less fat on your body will make you look more muscular, even when you are not heavy.

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