Mass builder

Make your own mass builder

Many mass gainers are junk, rubbish, and sometimes useless!

If you are not gaining muscle or weight, check your protein intake first!

You have to follow the rule book (1 to 1.5g for a pound, 453g of body weight) on your protein needs, because muscles are made of proteins and if you shortchange on the necessary amino acids, your muscle growth suffers.

Some gainers are a lot cleaner than others, but for most, weight gainers are full of worthless calories and tons of sugar to help you put on weight.

Mass builders assists in bulking quickly. However, off-the-shelf mass building powders are expensive and sometimes not that great. It is expensive, difficult to digest, and is not healthy as it is full of sugars, and some contains less protein than the package indicates!

Make your own mass gainer that is made from real food which will contain the protein you need, and bulking food. A recipe for a natural mass gainer may be found below.

The important thing about putting on weight is to make sure that you are not putting on fat! Increase your intake in stages until you see results, and train hard to burn the excess calories while making full use of the protein.

To keep fat at a minimum, your calorie surplus should not exceed 500-600 on your training days.

If you are walking a lot, go on a long shopping day, or have a standing or active job, increase your calories further.

On your non-training days, you should stick to your maintenance calories and you should not use mass gainer as it will all turn into fat if your calorie intake is higher than the energy you are using.

Here is the ingredients you need for a super natural and healthier alternative to mass gainers.

  • 2 scoops protein powder
  • 2 table spoons peanut butter
  • 2 bananas
  • 2 serving rolled oats
  • 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • Mix with water, or whole milk for extra calories

Blend with ice and you will have an awesome mass builder

Whey Protein Mass Gainers
Whey protein is derived primarily from whey isolate and whey concentrate. Mass Gainers contain a mix of proteins, which include both slow and fast acting proteins, like whey and casein.
Whey protein is lean on calories.    Mass gainers has almost three times the calories of whey proteins.
Whey acts quickly, therefore it is best suited as a recovery protein shake, post workout. The whole objective of mass gainers is to put the user in a calorie surplus situation so that he is able to grow the size and strength of his muscles.

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