Less calories when ordering Pizza

Who doesn’t love Pizza?

At 250 or more Calories per slice, you get far more than a full day’s worth of Calories from a large pizza. The larger the pizza, the more toppings, the ticker the pizza and the more stuffings, the higher the calorie count!

A large slice of chicken mayo pizza (thick base) comes close to 300 Calories. A triple stacked pizza stuffed with cheese griller sausages comes in at a whopping 600 Calories.

To reduce your caloric intake when the Pizza craving starts, try these tip to get your Pizza craving satisfied while reducing the calories.

First and most important, know how many Calories you are eating in your day. On your craving day, reduce or eliminate your sugar intake and increase your vegetable and salad intake during the day! Keep count of your calories and check how many sliced of Pizza you can have to stay within your daily Caloric goal. Woman need 2000 Calories a day to maintain their weight, and men 2500 Calories a day.

Plan a single cheat day in the week and make pizza your cheat meal for that week.

Order a medium instead of a large, or split the Pizza and fridge half the pizza immediately before eating, or share the pizza with a friend.

Reduce the number of layers, toppings and stuffing – this will cut the calories and you probably won’t even miss the extras once you have finished eating.

Take thin base instead of thick base. It might seem “better value for money” by taking thick base, but if you consider how much time you will need to work it off, that value drops quickly!

Processed meats are Calorie loaded. Cut the pepperoni, sausage and cheese grillers!

Before eating and satisfying your Pizza craving, start with a salad and drink plenty of water. Research shows that people who start with a large mixed salad reduce their meal Calories by 12%.

Do an additional 30 minutes of cardio on that day. This will be equivalent to a slice of pizza – this means that one slice of Pizza won’t count! What a pleasure! But don’t add an additional slice over your daily caloric allowance – Keep the caloric goal the same!

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