Pizzas and burgers do not make you FAT!

A shocking statement considering how fat people get on Pizza and burgers! But there are T&Cs attached to this statement.

Burgers and Pizza are unhealthy as they contain high levels of salt and fat. Popular pizzas contains high quantities of cheese and processed meas. This can increase your risk of heart attacks and strokes, and some cancers.

Nevertheless, pizzas and burgers every now and again will not increase your weight if the calories from those pizzas and burgers remain within your daily caloric intake.

The secret is to eat the pizza slowly. It takes about 30 minutes for your body and mind to register that it has eaten enough food! So eat the Pizza slices slowly, take your time and enjoy the food. Eating 3 slices in 30 minutes still tastes the same as gulping a full pizza in record time, in fact – it actually tastes better!

To maintain weight, an average man needs 2500 calories a day, and a woman 2000.

A man can still lose weight by eating 3 slices of pizza and a woman will not add any weight on 3 slices!

How is this possible? Well, here is your example!

If a man eats 1500 calories of food during the day (meals, sugar and snacks!), and has exercised enough to burn 400 calories, he will still have ample calories left for the day! 3 slices of pizza will add +-300 calories per slice to his daily intake. His total caloric intake for the day with the 3 slices will be 2000 calories.

At 2000 calories a day, an average man will lose 0.5Kg in a week! Wow!
A woman requires 2000 calories to maintain weight! Wow!

The trick here though is eating just 1500 calories during the day (and exercising 400 calories off) before scoffing those 3 slices!

Sugary snacks quickly add calories up, even small sweets! A small Jelly beans bag contains 60grams of sugar! This adds a whopping 250 calories to your diets! You will need to sacrifice just under ONE large pizza slice for those Jellies! Hmmm.. But you usually buy the larger 125 gram packet, don’t you?

To keep track of your daily caloric intake, an app is recommended. You can now track every meal and stay on target!

Prepare your meals in advance, and pre-pack them for work or school. Stay with the following safe guidelines: Smaller, healthier, low fat, low sugar, high protein, high fibre.

Each meal and snack quickly adds the calories up! Have small healthy, high fiber, high protein meals during the day.

Cut out all the sugar in your day – your coffee, tea and drinks adds calories quickly – when sweetened!

*Disclaimer here: Depending on the pizza composition, calories can be lower or higher. Always research the number of calories in your favorite pizza and work it into your diet!

Chicken nā€™ Mayo & Feta Pizza ā€“ Large (pan base) = 288 calories per slice
Triple Decker Meat Pizza ā€“ Large = 345 calories per slice
Big King XXL burger = 995 Calories for the burger alone!
McFeast Deluxe burger = 865 calories for the burger alone!
Know what you eat!

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