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Vitamins for skin, hair and nails

Vitamin supplementation is not required if you have a varied and healthy eating plan which consists of grains, meat, vegetables and fruits.

If you have good nails, skin and hair, then supplementation is not required.

If you get painful muscles cramps or spasm, then you may try vitamins and minerals  supplementation for several weeks, however, abnormal mineral ratios may also cause spasm and cramps. So overdoing is not going to be helpful.

If you have a great varied diet, you can still supplement but you can take the lowest dosage or half dosages (such as one tablet a day instead of two tablets), or you can skip a day between supplementation.

This not only saves you money, but should be sufficient to make up any shortfall.

When to take full dosages

Grey hair, dry or falling hair is a common problem many body builders and fit individuals tend to have due to the higher demands on their body for vitamins and minerals.

Eating a high protein, low fat diet may also lead to some vitamin deficiencies, especially if grains or fats are eliminated from the diet.

Taking a  multi-vitamin assists greatly in keeping vitamins in check, but sometimes taking extra precautions may be needed to healthy skin and hair.

Vitamin B tends to be one of the important vitamins for most individual in maintaining good health, and is sometimes lacking.

Which foods contain  Vitamin B ?

The different types of vitamin B come from different types of foods. Vitamin B12 is found primarily in meat and dairy products. B7 and B9, and, to some degree, B1 and B2 are found in fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin B boost every now and again may correct the balance, but an excessive Vitamin B-Complex intake is also capable of causing “burning muscles” or chronic muscle
tension.  It is not necessary to overdose, keep the dosages down to the recommended minimum as your body does not require a constant dosages if you are eating well.

A good balanced, and varied, diet a complete diet consisting of meats, grains, fruits and vegetables is required to get all your vitamins.

  • Vitamin B12 is found primarily in meat and dairy products, so strict vegetarians are at risk for a deficiency.
  • Vitamin B6 can be found in fish, poultry, liver, potatoes, and non-citrus fruit.
  • Most people get B1 from breakfast cereals and whole grains. B2 also can be found in whole grains, as well as in milk, eggs, and dark green vegetables.
  • Vitamin B9 can be found in many foods, from meats to grains to citrus fruits.

If you are a vegetarian or on a strict or specialized diet, supplementation may be required to meet vitamin requirements.

Which vitamins you need to look at if your skin, hair or nails are becoming problematic:

  • Biotin: The #1 B vitamin for hair growth.
  • Zinc: When we are deficient in zinc, our hair loses its colour, leading to gray hair.
  • Vitamin D: Opens follicles for hair to grow.
  • Vitamin E: Gives hair shine, bounce and growth.
  • Niacin: Increases circulation to allow hair growth.
  • Magnesium: Gives stronger hair.
  • Iron: Encourages hair growth.
Table of vitamins - set of food icons organized by content of vitamins
Table of vitamins – set of food icons organized by content of vitamins