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Building shoulder muscles


Shoulders were one of my weakest, most painful and most difficult muscle to exercise when I was a beginner, as the shoulders are really weak. Now it is just painful to train. It is still difficult to exercise even if I can lift heavier weights.

The shoulder consists of 3 muscle groups:

Anterior Head
  • Function: Flexion, Medial Rotation
  • Location: Front portion of the shoulder girdle
  • Exercise:
Middle Head
  • Function: Abduction
  • Location: Middle/Side of the shoulder
  • Exercise:
Posterior Head
  • Function: Extension, Lateral Rotation
  • Location: Back of the shoulder
  • Exercise:

Many beginners treat the shoulder as one muscle group by pressing, even through it is 3 separate muscle groups.

Presses for the shoulders will recruit the front or anterior head. The shoulder will not be balanced as the back and middle of the shoulder is not exercised. This also increases the risk of injury.